Thank you for visiting the website of Death Education Consulting and Franne Whitney Nelson in beautiful Vermont. Resources are available here that can help you cope with death and grief, whether the death was expected, sudden or sudden, unexpected.

The information is based on Franne's experience making more than 400 sudden death notifications with law enforcement officers and in hospital emergency departments; a five-year study of 1,626 grieving survivors;
personal, hands-on experience with 542 terminally ill individuals; and dealing collectively with thousands of grieving folks across America.

The Death Lady is the moniker bestowed on Franne by the Vermont State Police in 1995 when she started their Sudden Death Trauma
Program. The name spread around the country and that is how Franne is professionally known to this day. "ASK THE DEATH LADY" is a question and answer column on death and grief written by Franne, with a new column published frequently.  Previous columns are archived by date and can be easily accessed at this location. Anyone who sends in a question that is used in the column will have their choice of a free booklet.
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PRODUCTS AND SERVICES is comprised of several categories:
Certification contains information about how to acquire national designation as a Certified Sudden Death Trauma Specialist
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Booklets is a complete listing of publications on various aspects of death and grief written by Franne. Several of the booklets were sponsored by the United States Department of Justice. The cover photo and the Table of Contents of each booklet is available for viewing in this section, as well as ordering information. There is also a list of booklets to be published in the future.
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Presentations contains information about Franne's national lectures and workshops. All her presentations come with a guarantee that if 95% of those attending are not satisfied, 100% of her speaker fee is refundable to the sponsoring organization. Franne has presented in Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. She has also presented via the Emergency Communication Network to over 350,000 people worldwide.
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ANIMAL THERAPY PROGRAM:  Read how one of Franne's beloved rescue animals helped soothe a grief-stricken child who was so traumatized by the inadvertent sight of her mother killing herself, she completely stopped talking, and how this experience led to the development of Franne's free program "Another Legacy  Animal Therapy For Grieving Children".
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CASE STUDIES: These are actual cases of Franne's that she writes about to illustrate and expand on certain points addressed in the "Ask The Death LadyTM" column. The case write-ups are archived by the date of the corresponding column.
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Your comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome. In fact, anyone who makes a suggestion that is incorporated into this website will have their choice of a free booklet. So please come back and visit often.


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